Let’s Celebrate You!

On Sunday, a young lady in church came to ask for the presence of pastor Eddie and I at a regional competition she was going to feature in. That happened this week and it was an amazing event where I learnt a lot of things, one of which I want to share with you now.

The event was the largest youth speakers’ award programme in U.K. where winners from 15 schools across the borough came to present their 3 minutes speeches based on topics of their interest and passion. The presentation was made to the mayor and other special representatives of businesses and companies in the Southeast of London. Present were also parents, school representatives and teachers. (And ourselves of course. the proud pastors of one of the contestants) 

All the 15 contestants were outstanding with great topics, delivered with confidence. As I listened to these young men and women, it crossed my mind that there were many people I also know who knew nothing about this event and could either have been good at it or benefitted a great deal from it if they were aware it existed. It saddened as well as excited me to think of what is available. Sadness due to those that are missing out on opportunities like these and excitement seeing so many talents being displayed in the room.

I have over time met quite a number of youths with great gifts but little or no opportunity to display these gifts and talent or to develop them into anything of great value. I asked myself the big question of, how come they do not know. These programmes are no secrets but many still don’t know of them whereas some do and make themselves available to be developed. If you don’t know what is going on, you’re likely to miss out on many provisions that have been made available for you, to benefit you on the long run.

Just like the word of God, there are many blessings and provisions made for us, but we can be ignorant of them and not access them. Ignorance of the word of God does not change the fact that it’s set up to bless us and that becomes impossible if we are not aware of them. Gods’ word says

‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge’ Hosea 4:6a

It’s amazing that though they are Gods people, He allowed them to wallow in lack of knowledge which leads to destructions. I would have expected God to make sure they know everything He has in store for them, but God holds us responsible for discovering His provisions and plans for our lives so we can benefit from them.

We owe it to ourselves to find out what’s going on and then get the best out of the provisions that have been made available to us. To know the provisions available to you, you must learn to familiarise yourself with the word of God, be aware of the things God has put around you and ask questions! If you do these things, you’ll win in life and be celebrated.

Did I tell you that our young church lady won? We screamed so loud when she was announced as the winner and were such proud spiritual parents!! It was a great evening indeed… but only started because our young lady knew what was going on and chose to apply herself to it. She surely wasn’t the only kid in school, but she chose to be part of something else alongside her studies. Today she was celebrated by the press, the mayor, business leaders, school teachers, parents and other students across the borough. 

There is a placed prepared for you to be celebrated, find out about it and get involved because celebrations awaits you.

God is on your side!


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