Earlier this week, I read a true story told by Don Soderquist, the former president of Wal-Mart, who shared how he learnt to start looking at life differently.

Don had gone with a colleague, Sam Walton to Alabama, to open several new stores. While there, Walton suggested they visit the competition. Don said, “the first store was the worst store I’ve ever seen in my life. It was terrible! There were no customers. There was no help on the floor. The aisles were cluttered with merchandise, empty shelves, dirty, it was absolutely terrible. He [Walton] walked one way and I’d walk the other way and we’d kind of meet out on the sidewalk. “

Sam then said, “What do you think, Don?” I said, “Sam, that is the absolutely worst store I’ve ever seen in my life. I mean, did you see the aisles?” He said, “Don, did you see the pantyhose rack?” I said, “No, I didn’t, Sam. I must have gone in a different aisle than you. I didn’t see that.” He said, “That was the best pantyhose rack I’ve ever seen, Don.” And he said, “I pulled the fixture out and on the back was the name of the manufacturer. When we get back, I want you to call that manufacturer and have him come in and visit our fixture people. I want to put that rack in our stores. It’s absolutely the best I’ve ever seen.”

And he said next, “Did you see the ethnic cosmetics?” I said, “Sam, that must have been right next to the pantyhose rack, because I absolutely missed that.” He said, “Don, do you realize that in our stores we have four feet of ethnic cosmetics. These people had 12 feet of it. We are absolutely missing the boat. I wrote down the distributor of some of those products. When we get back, I want you to get a hold of our cosmetic buyer and get these people in. We absolutely need to expand our ethnic cosmetics.”

Sam saw differently by looking for how to be better. It’s so easy to keep looking at the faults and errors in others.

How you see surely determines what you see.

“The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light, Matthew 6:22

What are you looking for? That is what determines what you see. Don concluded by saying, “Sam showed me how to look for the good in what other people are doing and apply it.”

Let your eyes be trained to see good then you will enjoy a better life and your attitude to life itself will change for the positive.

God is on your side!

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