‘Make A U Turn When Possible’. Our Satellite navigator tends to give us this advise ever so often and we sometimes listen to the advise, depending on how much of the route we think we know. The more we think we know the route, the more likely we are to ignore the advise. As I thought about this, I remembered the inspiring story of a young man I heard this week.

This week saw the announcement of the winner of the Princes Trust Award, Hezron Brown. He won the award because he overcame a life of crime and homelessness to help steer thousands of young people away from gangs and violence

His story goes: when Hezron was five, he fell into a bath of boiling hot water. The right side of his body was severely burned and, despite months of skin grafts in Birmingham Children’s Hospital, he was still badly scarred. It led to bullying from other children and Hezron resorted to violence as a coping mechanism. His violence led to him being expelled from schools and thrown out by his mum at the age of 13 and eventually he joined a gang.

He recalls: “I knew gang culture was wrong but I had been on my own for so long, it was like a family to me. I’ve had guys try to stab me, guns to my head but it wasn’t until I was looking at up to 10 years in prison that I realised I needed to get out.” Facing a long sentence for robbery, Hezron, now 29, was given a second chance by the judge, who did not jail him. He left court determined to change his life. He went back into education and enrolled in as many courses as he could. He chose to make a u-turn when he was ready for a change.

A friend directed him towards The Prince’s Trust Get Started with Theatre, a week-long programme at Birmingham Rep. After impressing bosses with his attitude and work ethic, he was offered a job at the theatre when the course finished. With his own life back on track, he turned his attention to helping others. Over the past seven years he has told his story to thousands of youngsters to help steer them away from gangs, drugs and violence.

The change that happened in this gentleman’s life was a decision he made when he was ready to make a u-turn. There was so much awaiting him with regards to the exposure he had after his change as well as the lives he impacted. None of them however was going to come if he did not make the decision to have a turn around. The bible says;

“To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God. That they my receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me” Acts 26:18

Turning around or making a u-turn opens up so many opportunities. As in the above scripture, it helps to turn from darkness to light and also from the power of the enemy to the power of God. Finally, so the persons turning around can receive forgiveness of sin and then their inheritance.

Hezron had so much great exposure ahead of him, also an opportunity to help any youth and a reward of meeting Royalty, but none of those could have happened without a turn around. Looking at the story of this gentleman and what awaits you if you will turn around, I will advise giving full attention to today’s write up and take action accordingly because God is on your side!


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Dear Bola,
Thanks for your commitment, passion and discipline in producing these write ups week in week out.
Only heaven knows the impact of these seeds, and they will germinate and yield fruit in God’s timing.
For now, keep reaching out in faith..

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