Driving home earlier this week, we noticed slow traffic that eventually built up to a gridlock. It did not take long to notice that some cars started having problems and there were a couple of breakdowns on the roadside. One of the breakdowns I saw that got me thinking was not one for which I remember the make nor color of the car. The main reason I however remember this breakdown was the two passengers I observed standing behind the broken-down car and their reaction to the incident they found themselves in.

The car I observed had a mum and son standing behind it; it looked like they were expecting a recovery vehicle to come along to assist them. Mum looked stressed and worried and that was obvious to us driving by. The son however looked excited and had a dance routine going. He seemed to be using the time of the breakdown to practice a dance routine and enjoying himself. In doing that, he equally created a lovely view for some of us driving by as we drove slowly through the traffic; it was a beautiful view spotting the boy dancing beautifully by the roadside. Mum however did not see the fun in what the boy was engaged in – so she just continued staring ahead and around with her worried look.

I called my husband’s attention to the difference between mum and son. The two of them were in the same situation but they had two different attitudes and response to the challenge of being stalled on the roadside. While one party had accepted the fact that they could not move anywhere at that moment and chose to make the best of the moment, the other was probably busy thinking of the frustration of the moment (or the potential cost of fixing the broken-down car!)

The lesson here for me however was noticing that things happen to us all and we can choose how to react to them.

God’s word says

‘making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.’ Ephesians 5:16

Without prior plans, the boy made the most of the opportunity he found himself in. And we can sometimes think it is probably because he is not old enough to start worrying about everything in life; but wouldn’t it be great to stay in the state of mind where we choose to make the most of every moment, including frustrating moments.

There are things that will happen in life that you will not have control over, but you definitely do have control over your reaction to those moments and when you look back, you can be proud of yourself for making the most of a moment in time or regret the loss of opportunity that such times presents to us.

Pay attention to life; make the most of every moment to learn whatever lessons you can from a situation and embrace the opportunity a challenge gives you – as every challenge creates opportunities. Slow down to look and listen so you can make the best of every moment.

God is on your side!


Very true words, cause at this point of my life doing all kinds of jobs to make end meet. I thank God every day for new opportunities in Jesus name Amennn.

Very true words, cause at this point in my life doing all kinds of jobs to make end meet. I thank God every day for new opportunities in Jesus name Amennn.

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