These last few days have seen me in the company of over 45 people, most of whom I thought I knew, but just discovered that I never knew well enough. Spending an average of 15 hours a day with the team we went to Israel with has been a great eye opener for me.

If asked if I knew these people prior to this week, I would definitely have said yes; but the last few days of spending more time together and bonding made me know that I surely didn’t know a lot of them well enough. 

As we sit together eating, travelling, chatting, exercising (yes! Gym time together too!!) , sharing stories and experiencing God in the Holy land, I learnt more about stories of individuals as well as discovered their personalities. I discovered that these people are genuinely loving, lovely and happy! 

I just came to know some after so many years of just seeing them regularly and in all genuineness; what I have discovered about everyone is good! 

My relating with my old new friends taught me the lesson I want to share today and that is that – we need to invest time with one another to really get to know each other.

God’s word says;

‘Owe no one anything, except to love each other, for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law.’ Romans 13:8

As the team do the essentials as well as the non essentials together, I can see so much love and fondness – what a group of people! Everyone genuinely shows so much love one to the other and I am super proud to be a part of this team and family.

I actually thought I was the only one who noticed this until a couple of other people told me how great this team of friends are. What a joy to meet my old new friends again in this new place.

My admonition to you today is to make time out to get to know the people (treasures) all around you. 

God is on your side!


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Thank you so much for these great words of wisdom and admonition as always.They are very true. It’s good to invest the time to get to know more about the people around us . God bless you ma.

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