There are dramatic dads and some of us have come across them. From the dramatic dads at football games to the dads that are determined to fight any one that dares to nudge or look at their daughters at school.

A very funny dramatic dad advertisement came up on TV today and I just had to show Eddie as I could easily see him acting out that part in our home. The advert was by the NHS to encourage more people to call on their pharmacist before consulting their GP. The advert pokes fun at overreactions to small ailments and patients were being encouraged to “take the drama out of minor illnesses” by visiting their pharmacist.

The advert has three scenes but the one I am writing about is the last one. It showed a dad whose daughter was playing close by while he was gardening. The young girl sneezed and the dramatic dad got into action…he looked up, suspended what he was doing, alarmingly took a tumble and ran across to his daughter. He lifted her up like someone in crisis, and screamed, ‘I need a pharmacist.’ The next scene showed the dad and daughter with the pharmacist reflecting that it was a minor issue the dad had made into a major one with his drama!

A few hours later, I showed my daughter the video and asked for her thoughts. Without thinking twice, she went ‘so like dad! Dramatic!!’. Over the years, our dramatic dad at home has done so many things that could either be classified as funny or embarrassing for the children. From the times he decided to drive behind a bus just because our daughter wanted to take public transport, to the time he harassed our son who wanted to travel to Far East Asia for a few weeks. All these dramatic dad activities worked though as each time the children changed their minds!

Fathers are great protectors as God made them. Some do it in a dramatic manner while others do it in a different manner. All in all, we have a father who is a great dad to us all. And the bible makes us understand that he equally takes His responsibilities seriously. The bible says;

‘The Lord is father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him.’ Psalm 103:13

God is a loving father and He continually watches over and shows His compassion towards us. You as a child of God need to be assured in the knowledge that you have a father that cares so much that He will go to any extent to provide for and protect you. God isn’t dramatic about His actions, but He still carries out the functions and you can trust in Him. Always remember that your dad, God, is on your side!


You can watch the advert here (I’m certain you will find it funny too)

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