The quarantine period has given rise to members of my family as well as many other families doing some activities on a daily basis. One of such is to exercise daily. Earlier on this week, my daughter, Bethel, decided to get involved in something she hates and has always said she wouldn’t get involved in – running. As much as she does so many other exercises, she claims “her body is designed for bending – not running”; she does not fancy the idea of running or jogging. Why does she hate it so much? She once came to our church running club and was so put off after that experience. She felt she was one of the people that finished last and was not able to function for the whole day due to exhaustion and leg pain. So for her, running was a NO! NO!!

When she told me last week that she would want to go for a run with me at some point, I genuinely didn’t take it to heart, but kept inviting her everyday. Then came Easter Monday and she said she was definitely coming out with me. I was shocked but excited! Well, we started the journey and within few minutes she started struggling. I was convinced she was going to turn back and go home. She however continued to push forward. After a while, I advised her on the best route to take so as to start heading back home as she had already done almost 2km at that point. I pushed ahead as I continued the journey. At some point, I looked back and saw my daughter; wow… she continued! I couldn’t believe it as she had now gone beyond what she attempted with the church run which she struggled with.

I asked her how she was able to jog/walk that far, and she said “I have been most definitely praying – I asked God for help rather than giving up and going back home.” I was super proud of her and could not stop telling her how proud I was of her for two things: for pushing herself beyond her comfort zone, as she completed a 4km+ jog and also for praying to ask for God’s help when her own physical strength couldn’t take her further forward in our run.

We completed the run, did Minister Ayo’s workout together after which we did my daughter’s body stretch routines together. It was a great mother-daughter bonding experience indeed; though my daughter spent the better part of the day in bed (lol) she was equally proud of herself and was sure we will do this together again.

As I thought about our run, and the way Bethel asked for God’s help for the seeming simple and inconsequential matter, I remembered the scripture that says;

‘In my trouble I called the Lord. I called to my God for help. In his temple He heard my voice, He listened to my cry for help’. Psalm 18:6

When she felt she needed a little help to push forward rather than turn around, she prayed, asking the Lord for help and He strengthened her to accomplish her desire. If she could, so can you and I for both the simple and the tough issues of life.

God promises that whenever we call upon Him, He will answer us. He is still in the business of answering prayers, so do call upon Him for help at this time and He will surely help you.

God is on your side.


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Great bonding….PB and thank you for always boosting our faith in God with your educative and encouraging words. Well done to Bethel for encouraging us through her trust in God for help, this I do always, because I know God is our helper, as we trust in him and call upon him , he is always the trusted friend. Glory be to God.

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