One of my daughters came visiting recently and brought some Nigerian delicacy which I was genuinely happy to receive. I was about to start eating the meal when she mentioned the fact that she made the meal. I was taken aback and looked her straight saying, ‘I am 100% certain you didn’t make this meal girly.’ She then responded to me on how she made it. According to her, a visit to a YouTube page gave her the knowledge required to make the meal easily without the extreme amount of stress the process of making it usually creates.

I was super shocked and at the same time excited about this new discovery. Looking at the YouTube page and the number of people who have watched the video, I wondered how I never discovered this before now and decided to share this new discovery, but I tried what was recommended first and realised that the new system truly allowed me make the food quickly and easily without so much stress and sweat. (Ok – my first attempt was not the best, the meal ended in the bin; but the second was close to perfect!) I was still totally blown away knowing how easy it now was to prepare this meal. I then chose to share this new discovery with my sisters as my first share group.

I got the link from YouTube and put in my family WhatsApp page – titled it as…My New Discovery! I then mentioned to them what I found out and told them to watch and try. I was however shocked to discover that they had always known this and had even used my ‘supposed’ new discovery. I watched each of the three girls mention how this was not new and wondered why I was just discovering after they have known this for years! I then said to them – ‘so you knew this before? Why hadn’t you shared it with me? And by the way how many other things do you know that you haven’t shared with me?’ They laughed and went on to other things, but the situation taught me a lesson which was – A new discovery for me might not be a new discovery for the other person; but it is still mine and I can experience and enjoy the new discovery while sharing it with other people who might not know of this discovery as well.

God’s word makes it clear that we should continuously share one with the other. The bible says

‘You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.’ 2 Timothy 2:2

There are many things we hear and are taught which will be of help to other people around us. The bible implores us to get educated for a change and to also help other people in their journey of growth and change as well.

So, what have you discovered in the last 3 months? Who have you shared it with and how has that changed you and them? As we think through these things and act on them, we change our world for the better…so keep discovering and keep sharing.

If this blog post has blessed and helped you to date, why not share with at least one more person. It will be their own New Discovery and I am certain it will bless them too.

God is on your side!

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