My Unfounded Fear

I am a regular visitor to my dentist who goes in once a year to check the state of my teeth. So on receiving the letter from my dentist a few weeks ago that it was that time for my yearly check up, I booked myself in as usual for a visit. My previous visit was ok so I wasn’t expecting anything different this time around. 

On arrival, the dentist took an X-ray and discovered that I had a dodgy tooth. It had a large hole that was close enough to be pressing on the nerves. She decided to do a temporary filling first. That was done but I started experiencing severe tooth ache – it seemed as if the drilling and filling created more problems and the nerves seemed to have been touched. It was an uncomfortable experience leading on to the next appointment where I expected the dentist to just change the temporary filling to a permanent one. That however was not the case, as my dentist decided that she couldn’t save the tooth so she had to refer me for extraction. Then the feeling of fear started!

I was scared of the extraction, not because I hadn’t had one before, but because a couple of close sisters of mine have recently had problems with their extractions and I was too involved in the journey of one of them. She had it so bad that when it was time for her extraction to be done, she had to be put to sleep! I saw her struggle, go through nights and days of pain and agony – I was genuinely petrified! I told my dentist about my fears, and she tried as much as a dentist could to calm my nerves and said, ‘I promise you, it’s not that bad’. I looked at her perfect set of teeth and asked if she’d ever had an extraction, to which she looked at me smiling and said…’no!’  Well, how would she know it’s not bad when she’s never done it?

Anyways, I braced up and waited for my appointment date. That came sooner than I expected and the closer the date came, the more petrified I got. I thought to go read about extractions and what to expect on the internet, but I thought that wouldn’t solve my problem. It may just compound the fear! So come the night before, I barely slept and got into the surgery the next morning. As I saw the surgeon, I told him and the nurse straight away about my fear. He then decided to joke about how tough it would be and expected me to feel calmer after the joke (unbelievable, I thought). What shocked me however was that he got going and in 5 minutes it was all done. I had lost the tooth to the surgeon’s instrument and all was good. I was now told I could go. 

I was shocked that my fear was totally unfounded. I then realised it had nothing to do with my experience but it was based on what others around me had experienced. As I thought about my experience, I remembered a scripture that says;

Do not fear, for I am with you. Do not be afraid for I am your God. I will strengthen you and I will help you. Isaiah 4:10

Many of us fear because of what we think may happen that may not, or even because of what others around us have gone through. Your fear may not even be your fear! 

God is wanting me to assure you today that it will all be ok and you will get to the end of the issue and wonder why you ever feared or had sleepless nights.

Be at peace, it will all be ok because God is on your side! 


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