As the world sets its gaze on the happenings in USA with the election of the next presidential candidate into the White House, the gentleman, Joe Biden who was once the Vice President of the United States of America came into view and his life with lessons to be learnt from it became obvious.

Mr Joe Biden is currently the president elect of the United States and the oldest ever candidate they’ve had. This gentleman has attempted to be the president of the United States three times and never got to the final stage of being presented for election by his party until this particular time.

Many would have thought, at the age of 76 why would a gentleman still have his dreams going? Why would his vision still be strong for the goal he always had at that late stage of life. There are many factors that should have seen to this gentleman giving up on this dream, from personal tragedies to proximity to the office; which many could have considered as a good enough alternative, to the obvious obstacles that has to do with age and the potential for delivery on a dream at that late stage of life.

As I read about and listened to the broadcast corporations shelling out information about this gentleman, I just firstly remembered Caleb. The octogenarian who still stood firmly on God’s promise of allotting His people a place in the promised land. Caleb like many others received the promise, but not many stuck to it until they got the promise fulfilled. Sticking to God’s promise and ensuring he does his bit is not a new characteristic of Caleb at 85, but when he was 40 he was chosen as a leader to spy the promise land and he was one of the two who came back with a good report whereas the majority came back with bad reports.

Caleb made a statement that I think we should all borrow and stand on when it comes to the promises that we have received from God and the dreams we have ahead of us. Caleb said

“So I am asking that you give me this hill country that the Lord promised me. You will remember that as spies, we found the Anakim living there in great, walled cities, but if the Lord is with me, I shall drive them out of the land.” Joshua 14:12

Caleb never gave up on the promise God gave him 45 years before and was still happy to go up and fight for the promise. I don’t know Mr Biden personally, but can equally see that he was not going to let go of his personal dream of being the USA president and he did something about it.

What’s your dream? If obstacles attempt to stop you, which they most likely will, will you give up? Will you give excuses of your age, strength, life, challenges, etc? I want to implore you today that you should dust your dream book off and start dreaming again, start taking action towards your vision and goals again.

Never let anyone distract you from going for your dream because God is waiting for you on the other side of the promise. What’s your dream and make sure you keep going for it until you achieve it.

God is on your side!

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