No, Was The Best

Eddie and I went watching a movie earlier on this week and I learnt so much from this movie. I will share one part of the movie and a lesson with you without spoiling the movie itself. I’ll also tell you which movie it is after the write up (if you haven’t worked it out for yourself– you will find out!)

In the movie, two siblings from a family with keen interest in boxing decided they needed to take their passion to the next level. They recorded themselves in action and sent it to the USA. After much attempt trying to get interest in their work, they got the call they had been waiting for. They were given a chance to display their passion and skills. After trials, one got a YES and the other got a NO.

They were both devastated, more so the one with the NO answer. They both kept trying to get the coach to change his mind. That however did not happen and one day after much barging the coach gave a narrative on the life that could have opened to the brother if he had been taken on. He recounted a life of trying so hard, wasting a lot of time and resources, being taken away from the people that you add value to and add value to you, with the result of getting dumped along the way. Life ending in loss of friends, family, dreams, community and even the success being chased would become a thing of the past. It was a grim picture, but it became clear later that that was what happened to the coach. 

As I looked at this story, I wondered how many of us cry and moan over doors we expect or want opened and would have forced to get open if we had our way. We never think of the end of the road, but are more inclined to want a YES no matter what. God has made us aware of the fact that He has the full picture of our lives in His hands and because He sees the end game earlier; He will never allow us to go through some doors.

His word (one of my favourite) says;

‘And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.’ Romans 8:28

If only you can see the end of the road, you will realise how great a NO is whenever it comes your way. Please remember that NO isn’t such a bad word  – actually it could just be for the best; if you pay attention to what God is doing in your life and co-operate with Him.

Your plan for your life can never be as great as the one He has for you so take time to find out His mind for you and co-operate with Him because He has got your best interest at heart.

BTW: the movie is Fighting with My Family

God is on your side


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