It is Euro2020 football game season and England achieved something for the first time in 50 years. I learnt a huge lesson from this incident that taught, ‘overcoming the fear of the past’.

England was facing Germany in the elimination series, which means the country that loses gets eliminated. The problem is that Germany is a formidable team and England has had the repeated history of losing to them. It had gone beyond a few losses to becoming a major barrier.

There is the skill level of the German team which is reflected in their results as well as the mental barrier of the inability to win them which has now developed in the mind of a regular British player as well as the commentators and even the spectators. Every game with Germany is deemed a lost game even before the kick-off time. The defeatist words show in the playing as well.


This week, something interesting happened. A commentator mentioned that even though the history of England with Germany was not good, the group of boys playing for England did not have the history or preconception of finding Germany an impossible team to play against because they are a new generation.

With little or no barrier in their minds, they went all out and confronted Germany and surprised all the spectators, commentators and even the opponent – Germany, by winning the game. England did not just win the game with one goal but convincingly with two goals. The English football team broke the barrier of 50 years by winning the game.

Barriers, can be real, imagined, mental or even skill based. Whatever the reasons for our barriers, our God is more than able to help us overcome them. One of the biggest reasons, in my opinion for yesterday’s victory was the fact that the current generation have not been led by the mental barrier of the inability to win for 50 years. They knew they were new and that this German team is equally new. They felt able and they went all out to achieve their desired result.


As I thought about this, I remember the scripture that says

‘But Caleb tried to quiet the people as they stood before Moses. “Let’s go at once to take the land,” he said. “We can certainly conquer it!”’ Numbers 13:30 (check out the message version here)

Unlike everyone else, Caleb had a different way of thinking that ensured God sustained him, as one of the only two who survived despite everyone else not being allowed to enter because of their unbelief.

Our minds and history have a way of stopping us from entering into our future but we have to consciously overlook the fear of the past to be able to walk into the promised future that God has designed for us.

Your future is brighter than the failure and fear of your past, so look forward with faith because the barriers are not as big as your mind is playing it out. Remember that your God is a lot bigger than your limitations.


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