Earlier on today while counselling, Pastor Eddie mentioned one of his stories that I find inspiring and could not but share with you – including the lessons learnt on how to Pay attention to the small things.

Some years ago, he bought a flat packed IKEA computer table and decided to do what everyone in the United Kingdom tends to find easy to do, which was to look at the manual and put the table together, piece by piece.

He came back from work and embarked on this adventure for the whole evening. After a couple of hours on the task, he noticed a little screw but could not quite work out what to do with it. At that point, he tossed the screw away and continued the assembling. After about 5 hours on this task, he thought the table was ready but realised it was wobbly because a little part of the assembling had gone wrong!

In frustration, he discovered that the little screw he tossed away was meant to steady one of the legs of the table but its absence created a faulty result. After over five hours investment of  hard work, he angrily smashed the table. After which he tossed it into the bin and that was the end of his DIY ambition.


There is a need to pay attention to the small things in life because they may have significant impact. The tossing of the small screw impacted the investment of the price of the table, the time involved in fixing the table and lastly, the ambition of becoming a ‘Do It Yourself’ expert (thank God for that!)

In life as well, there are little things that make a huge difference if we do not pay attention to them. And I remember the scripture that says

Jesus said, “Someone touched me, for I perceive that power has gone out from me.” Luke 8:46.(Read the fascinating NLT version here)

Jesus paid attention to the little things around Him. He knew that the little things are the big things. Even though He was walking through a crowd He was conscious of the tiny tug he felt on His cloak. He never considered it to be nothing but saw it as something He should give His attention to.

Jesus felt the touch of the woman. He saw the pain no one else would have given attention to or seen. She would have been considered ceremonially unclean for twelve years. Yet Jesus spotted, touched and transformed her life.

She was healed and would be welcomed back into her community after 12 years of solitude. This was no little thing!

You can equally change someone’s life today by paying attention to the people and things around us.


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