This week I’ll be sharing with you, a lesson my son, Asher, mentioned he learnt from his dad and I. I recently asked him to tell me some of the things he has learnt from home that has defined his life; outside the obvious of being saved and living for Jesus . Today, I’ll like to share one of the lessons he mentioned; which is FOCUS.

Asher mentioned that in a fast paced environment where he works, things can easily get overwhelming due to all the different deadlines and information flow. The lesson learnt from home on focus, he said has been of huge help to him because he realised that lack of focus leads him to being busy yet not delivering on anything satisfactorily or timely. Lack of focus, like chasing two rabbits leads to less productivity or missed deadlines.

Chasing rabbits……what’s that? The principle of picking a rabbit is found on the story of a man seeing two rabbits and wanting to chase them both so as to ensure he catches at least one. After much trial without success, a wise observer advised the man to focus on one of the rabbits so he can have a higher chance of catching one. Chase two rabbits and he is likely to never catch either due to divided attention, but if he picks one rabbit, the chaser has a higher chance of success.

Today, I will like to share with you that you can achieve more and do more if you choose to pick a rabbit, focus on it and chase it. Since what you focus on, expands and grows; I will advise you to focus right at this time as you move forward in your year, month and life.

God’s word in the book of Proverbs says;

‘Let your eyes look directly ahead. And let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you.’ Proverbs 4:25

Whenever your eyes are direct, your gaze straight; you will focus right and achieve more. There is so much you can do and deliver on, but it all hinges on how you pick your rabbit, focus your attention and then go to work in achieving your objective.

God still has so much planned for you this year, so lean on Him and sharpen your focus today.

God is on your side!

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God is really talking to me because lately I can’t focus and get distracted easily even when I try to pray or read the word. Thank you for this story. It really opened my eyes, I need my focus.

Interesting. What if there is so much going that needs equal attention and with the same time constraints.
Pastor Bola, it may not be that simple to focus on one thing given some of our very complex situations.
However I will give it a try.

Thank you for these rich principles of life.

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