Happy New Year To You!

Competitive running has never been my strength and I had such an interesting experience on one of the Sport Day Events while I was in secondary school. I was so traumatised that I can never forget that event.

I have never been sporty but one year in my secondary school, our Sports Teacher decided that we all must run and it didn’t matter wether we are good at it or not. I was then put together with the ‘non-runners’ in my year. We went for practise and it was bad! There were only 6 of us in that category and I came 3rd. All excited, thinking I could scale the wall of embarrassment, I informed my family when I got home that I ran and came third. Super excited for me as usual, they decided to come watch our next practise run as it happened in a public school sports centre.

On the second run, I got all set, my parents bought me the most beautiful running gears and came around to watch. We the non-runners lined up to run and for whatever reason, the other non-runners seemed to have developed wings and off they went the moment the whistle went. I did not know what happened to everyone or what did not happen to me! I just seemed unable to move my legs whereas others seemed to be moving as fast as they could. Before I knew it, they were all gone with a massive margin as well. There was no one behind me! I was beyond embarrassed; much more so because my parents walked up to me, while others were around and said; ‘you did your best…at least you ran ON YOUR LANE all through; surely someone should have noticed that!’ Not sure wether that was helpful or not!

At the beginning of a new year like this, we all start at the same time and place. Our paces however are different and our results always different and well. Irrespective of that though, you must get ON YOUR MARK and STAY ON YOUR LANE!

As against schools sports day, in life, your marks and mine are not the same. Your lane will also be different from that of others; but you must get on your mark, your lane and run your race. Your race is yours to run; so run it.

Gods word says concerning you and your race

‘Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize’ 1 Corinthians 9:24

As we start this year, understand that there is a prize awaiting you at the end of this year; but you will need to run so as to get the prize God has prepared for you.

‘Get on your Mark, run your Race and get your Prize’ because God is on your side!



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Happy new year PB, thank you for the words of encouragement in your message. I pray for God’s grace in helping me all through my race from the beginning to the end in the new year and new decade in Jesus name. Amen.

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