Another baby is coming…unbelievable! How are we supposed to cope with the finances required to take care of a new baby when both of us were barely making ends meet in a foreign country we were in with our toddler and a continuous 12 hours work day each? That was the problem we faced 23 years ago when we found out we were going to have our second baby. It was a time where we had a crisis of faith and needed God’s help to navigate that season of our life.

The news, as great as it might have been for many and beautiful as it turned out to be for us was a very difficult one at the time. I personally couldn’t see anything beyond the impossibility of the moment as well as the fear of how to deal with the new addition coming into our small family. Well, God stepped in as usual, took us through the nine months and we had our little girl who turns 23 today!

The days prior to the delivery of our daughter saw a relocation, change of job, change of circumstances as we knew it. Some quite tough looking days which led to us experiencing God’s hand of provision repeatedly. We were severely tested, but equally had so many testimonies we could trace to that time. We developed quite a few spiritual muscles as we journeyed with God; trusting Him daily and every step of the way for divine provision.

Today, I celebrate God’s faithfulness for the gift of our daughter Bethel. I definitely couldn’t have imagined this family without her and truly thankful to God for not looking at our limited vision and limitations of the moment.

I can only thank God for being almighty in our lives and I will love to refer back to one of the scriptures that I’ve settled on over the years

‘Blessed be the Lord,who daily loads us with benefits, even the God of our salvation.’ Psalm 68:19

We trusted God for His daily benefits and He came through for us. If you are trusting God for anything, or if you are in a tough place; always remember that God can and will take you through. He is able and capable, even when you think you are not capable. Tomorrow will surely be better.

Once more, I give praise to my God for my daughter who turns 23 today.

God is on your side!

7 thoughts on “SEE A BETTER TOMORROW!”

  1. Amen. I rejoice with you ma and sir and i pray that the Lord God who came through for you during your trying moments will come through for my family.

    Ma/Sir, pls i really need you to pray along with me for God’s mercy and upliftment. I will be turning 40yrs on the 9th of July next month and i want God almighty to give me a special birthday gifts that which money can buy and that which money cannot buy. I want him to settle me financially and i promised to use the money for his kingdom work here in Nigeria and my immediate environ. Pls pray along with me as i have never received birthday gift from God before.

    Thanks greatly ma/sir as i shall come back to this platform to testify to the goodness of God.


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