How Sharing Broke Barriers

It happened in Jerusalem last week, after a long day where we encountered God; we were at dinner and had just received a package for one of us in the group.

It was the birthday of one of our brothers and his lovely wife sent him a gift package with cakes. After receiving the pack we went on to sing the all popular ‘happy birthday’ song. As we broke out singing, Pastor Eddie noticed a lovely Chinese lady who chose to join in singing our celebratory song. Not long after everyone in the dining room started singing along, we finished and it was time to cut and share the cakes.

We got our lovely hospitality lady to do the honours.  At that point Pastor Eddie insisted she served the Chinese lady a piece of cake; and I added that we should serve the others before sharing what was left amongst ourselves. Miraculously, all the people from the other three tables took a piece each and the cakes still went round at our table too, but another exciting thing then happened.

Each of the groups then felt they needed to sing a song for our birthday boy. There was a group from Austria another from Portugal and another from China. Each group went into singing – one after the other. We then decided to sing a song as well and before we knew it, two tables were joined together and then there started a subtle (or not so subtle) competition. The atmosphere lit up! Servers stopped servicing and started watching – mobile phone cameras went live and social media postings too. It was so much fun and of course, we had now moved away from a ‘thank you song’ to a praise contest! As it is the culture in Gateway, we love fun and also love to win, so there was no letting go! We were not going to be outdone – so we went from song to song until we sang the final song of ‘blessed’ as we usually do at GWC.

Our little cake sharing created a change in environment that broke down barriers of languages, peoples, colour & culture. We finished and went round to hug and kiss one another. It was an evening like no other; though we didn’t speak the same language; love, warmth, giving and sharing has no language barrier.

The little incident reminded me of the scripture that says:

‘Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.’ Hebrew 13:16

Sharing, even in the most unusual place and time is a good thing that is both pleasing to God and helps break barriers with man. When we learn to share, we receive the blessing that is beyond what we could have expected by keeping things to ourselves. Our evening could never have been that colourful, fun and memorable without us sharing. I will therefore implore you to learn to share.

God is on your side!


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