The month of August saw the UK government introducing a scheme to help many go out to buy food and drinks. The scheme ensures the participating restaurants are helped by the government and they pass the discount on to the customers. My favorite coffee shop was a participating restaurant and that meant …. discount, fantastic! I however soon discovered there was a problem.

At the coffee shop, I was asked if I was seating in to have my coffee, to which I answered NO because I was just collecting and going on to my office. The serving attendant then said, ‘well you will be paying full price because you aren’t sitting in.’ That didn’t make sense to me, how can someone who isn’t sitting in be the one that will be charged more? I was not staying in, which should mean costing the shop less – I wouldn’t use a cup that will be washed, wouldn’t need staff to clean after me, I wouldn’t use their electricity etc. I felt like I was the one saving the company money and should be the one to enjoy the discount. That however didn’t seem to be the logic behind the scheme.

On one of the days, I felt so cheated and thought, well, I can buy my coffee and sit outside for a few minutes to enjoy the discount. I then had a good talk with myself about integrity; and how much benefit I get from a discount of maximum £5 when God will be displeased with me. It surely wasn’t worth it, even if I thought I was being cheated, not happy about it, I still had to abide by the law.

As I looked at this situation, I remembered the scripture that says

‘The integrity of the upright will guide them, But the crookedness of the treacherous will destroy them.’ Proverbs 11:3

Integrity matters to God and crookedness, no matter how little, has the capacity to destroy the one who lacks integrity. It doesn’t matter how we justify or cover up ‘a wrong action’, it will never became right.

Though my mind was against the extra price I had to pay repeatedly, my conscience wouldn’t let me trick the serving team into getting such discount. I was guided by integrity and experienced the peace of God, which to me is priceless!

So, just in case you feel cheated by happenings around you at the moment, trust God to help and provide all you need to be able to get through this phase with integrity.

God is on your side!


3 replies on “SHOULD I OR SHOULDN’T I?”

Thank you PB for the teaching. Wow, really inspiring. There’s fulfilment in living life with integrity ,with God’s guidance and his grace. God bless you ma.

This message is directed to me.God give me the grace to endure and get to where I am needed to me in Jesus mighty name Amen. Jesus I trust in you forever.

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