A lady was interviewed on the radio earlier on this week and I learn a lot form her, what she has gone through as well as reactions towards her. Her story is worth sharing, alongside the lessons learnt from her.

She is a mum of three children all under the age of six and they are all severely autistic. The first being a set of twin boys. When this mum described a typical day in their family when it comes to doing the normal chores that a lot of us take for granted; one will have to stop and give praise to God for the little, yet big things of life. This lady mentioned the fact that her sons have no sense of danger and can easily have a melt down over what many other parents will call a normal situation of life with kids the same age. The challenge of this family resulted in them being given a blue badge (disable access/pass) by their local authority.

The lady did not come to the radio feeling sorry for herself but had to be interviewed because her husband had to get on social media to rant about being misjudged and mistreated by people the previous week. This family went out to their superstore and were just pulling up to park in the disabled bay when a gentleman told them that they had no right to park there. They showed their blue badge, only to be informed by the same gentleman that they were not entitled to one as he could not see any physical disability. The parents had to painfully and embarrassingly explain their circumstance to which the man still insisted that they did not deserve the badge.

When the lady got on air, she started out by saying, though she is grateful to God for her 3 children and wouldn’t have wished them away, she definitely did not ask for this challenge and does not consider a disabled badge a benefit; she said she would have loved not to ever need this badge for her children at all. As she spoke, the reality of the fact that people judge based on what is seen got driven home even further. As limited as our sense of sight is, we are very quick to depend on it and judge our circumstances by what we see.

God’s word warned us concerning depending on our sight. His word says: –

‘For we walk by faith and not by sight’ 2 Corinthians 5:7

It is so easy to judge situations, both the ones we are going through as well as the ones others around us go through by sight; we rush to reach conclusions based on only what we can see, however as our sight is inadequate, we will always reach the wrong conclusions if we deal with challenges based on what we see.

Learn to live by faith to deal with the unseen challenges of life; and there are many of them. Much more than what we see. Grow yourself enough to be able to live by faith, no matter what the situation around you is. How do you grow yourself? By familiarizing yourself with God’s word. (Romans 10:17)

God is on your side!



Grateful for being part of this wonderful house.. I’ve enjoyed every article written and learnt a lot.
God bless you indeed.
More anointing and grace.

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