How To Have A Stress Free Day

I have been looking at the issue of the things that pulls at a normal woman on a daily basis. There are times that it looks as if we need more than 24 hours in a day to achieve our objective on a daily basis; however if there isn’t more than 24 hours in a day! We however need to remember that we have direct responsibilities that shows that we might just need to readdress our priorities so we can achieve our objectives and still do all we need to do within the time available to us.

Identify yourself and your goals

The first place to start from is knowing whom you are and what you are meant to be doing daily. Identification helps us set our priorities without feeling guilty or in adequate. There are things you are meant to be doing and wired to do; knowing and doing them brings that strong sense of achievement and fulfilment. The earlier you embark on clarifying this, the better and less guilty you feel about what you are unable to do.

Have daily plans for the big goals

The second thing is to set out what you need to accomplish, as the big goal; then the steps you need to accomplish such should be broken down and taken one at a time. This is the art of planning your day and life around your objective. Managing your time based on your priorities can never be under estimated as that is what will truly give you the time freedom you are looking for.

Plan for interruptions

There will be interruptions during the course of any day or week. Uncertainty is the only certainty in a day and allocating time for such helps deal with the stress or discomfort that might otherwise come with unplanned events that chooses to interrupt your days. With the best intention as a planner, there are some things you can never plan for but giving adequate allowance for such will help in achieving all the plans you have for the day or week.

Learn to say NO

Learning to say NO without feeling guilty is a huge stress relieving activity. Many ladies are in the habit of saying YES, and known as the one that fixes everything – so we learnt to be all things, to all people. Now, that is a recipe for stress! You need to understand and communicate to the people around you that you can only do so much on a daily basis. Be happy with what you can do, do them diligently and be contented with your output.

Be realistic & review your plans

Lastly, incorporating a review process into your day will help alleviate the stress of lack of achievement that might come from unrealistic goals. Learning to set realistic expectation as to how a day should go and reviewing these tasks will benefit you in the management of your day. One of the phrases I learnt when I went for a time management course is to ‘Always remember that there is always tomorrow’. So if for any reason, you are not able to achieve your objective for a day or week, move the activity and celebrate what you were able to achieve; rather than focusing on what you didn’t.


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