A funny situation occurred between my daughter and a friend of hers a short while ago and just remembering it a few days ago, got me laughing my heart out all by myself at the gym. I then asked her permission to write about it and she gave it; so here goes; (don’t forget to read my last paragraph and comment on the story)

My daughter gave a new friend a ride a short while ago. Her new friend then gave her directions, which she perceived was familiar to her. After a while, she discovered that she knew the area because another friend’s boyfriend lives around that area. She voiced her discovery to this new friend who then asked my daughter if the boy was good looking. My daughter replied her new friend saying, ‘Oh, he is not available as he has a girlfriend!’. The new friend’s response to my daughter was the kicker!

The new friend in the car looked square at my daughter and said ‘I never asked you if he had a girlfriend; I asked you if he was good looking….that is how people fail exams; answering questions they weren’t asked!’. My daughter was stunned and after taking in the statement; burst into uncontrollable laughter. It was such a ridiculously shocking yet funny statement. My daughter then got home and shared the story with my husband and I; and we literarily started rolling on the floor with laughter.

I am not sure if you found the conversation as hilarious as we did; but the point I wanted to pull from this ridiculous question and answer situation was the encounter Jesus had with a gentleman who was crippled by the well. Jesus met him in his pitiful long term situation and asked if this gentleman wanted a divine intervention; but the guy was quick to start telling Jesus the suffering he had encountered for decades and how no one was interested enough in him to want to help him. The gentleman never answered Jesus’s question; but Jesus had mercy on him – and healed him.

I wonder where you are in life now; but JESUS still asks this question and He is asking you today if you want a touch from Him.

‘When Jesus saw him lying there and learnt that he had been in this condition for a long time, he asked him, ‘do you want to get well?’ John 5:6

What if Jesus asks you what you want today? What do you desire or expect from God this year? Are you clear on it? He can only do exceedingly and abundantly above all you can ask or imagine! Ephesians 3:20-21. Set your mind on Him, not your circumstance and He will visit you with unusual wonders this year in Jesus name.

Oh, by the way; I don’t support someone poaching another person’s boyfriend; just found the girls response funny!


God is on your side!



I just used same verse for my wife today in Ephesians. I believe what Grace has provided can’t be handled by our small mind. And that’s why He always does exceedingly abundantly above our prayers even when we miss answering the question correctly

Nice quick read & yes the response was very funny lool
Love this “ Set your mind on Him, not your circumstance and He will visit you with unusual wonders this year in Jesus name.” Amen ??

Interesting story Pastor. All I desire from God this year is more of Him and to recover all the enemy stole from me and opportunities I had lost in the past years.

Hmmh, Hilarious, especially the admonition about how not to fail exams. I think your daughter was trying to observe ‘girl code”. It was a preemptive strike to quell a possible encroachment on a friend’s property. It is understandable, but not the best response. The girl was right. Please answer the question, and don’t presume to know my intention. The yoruba say ‘ ‘mo mo iwa ara ile mi, kii se eebu’. loosely translated “I know my neighbor’s idiosyncrasies should not be seen as an insult”. While this is true, acting on the basis of that knowledge preemptively has to be done with caution. It may have been better to first answer the question, then chip in delicately the extra heads up if necessary to flag the fact that the guy is in someone else’s ‘shopping cart’ already’

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