The Best Pathway For You

I was chatting with one of my church sisters earlier this week who shared her understanding of a testimony given by a gentleman in church on Sunday. The brother shared that he accidentally saw an email that showed that he was being recommended for redundancy in a place where he had been celebrated for many years. As we discussed, the sister mentioned to me that she, as well as many of us would have read that as a sign that God wanted him to find out so he could pray to avert the ‘evil’ planned against him.

The gentleman said that he confronted the issue by having a conversation with his line manager – whom he actually trained! And the man apologised and all concerned thought the recommendation was now suspended and all was well; but that was not the outcome. In not so many days afterwards, the redundancy was enforced and the gentleman lost his job and was now in a seemingly difficult place because he didn’t have any work to go to and he has a family to feed and take care of. According to him, the freedom this lack of job created gave him an opportunity to train and re-skill so he could go into the industry of his choice to go take on a better role. He did and God ultimately blessed him with multiple roles in the new industry which he has gone into. 

His testimony created an opportunity to look closely at what we sometimes term as evil and our response to situations we do not want. The possibility of raising his problem, particularly the redundancy email he saw mistakenly as a prayer point and setting up many prayer chains requesting support wouldn’t have been out of place. The brother could have had ‘hours of spiritually averting this coming evil’ and that would not have been a misplaced action but would it have been a God action? 

As we conversed about this testimony, we saw how God allowed this brother to go through the unpleasant experience so he could enter into a greater and better place that God had prepared for him. Like the children of Israel in Egypt, they were already so comfortable; buying houses,building businesses, families and many other signs of settlement; then a pharaoh came that never knew what Joseph had done for Egypt and the new king made their lives impossible enough that they cried to GOD and HE led them out. They migrated into the better place God had prepared for them, not as slaves anymore but as masters and owners. What if they had spent time praying against the Pharaoh and his management? That surely wasn’t what God had planned for them. They would have been wrong!

It is important to understand that God has a plan for every one of us His children. In fact, He has what I will call a master plan, which we should just follow if we KNOW and are fully submitted to Him

Gods’ word said:

The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. Psalm 32:8

There is a best pathway for your life and if you allow God, He will give us the right advice and help to find the way so you can follow the path. Remember, not every difficult or seemingly negative way needs to be prayed against – it could just be God moving you towards your miracle place.

God is on your side!


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