The Happy One


Whenever we take a break to a certain resort, we usually pre-organise our airport transfer through a certain organisation and as usual, we did the same again this last time. Whenever we are on the ride with the transfer driver, we tend to engage them in conversation and expect to hear similar answers as well as experience similar attitudes to the happenings of the area. On this last trip we took, we got a different response and that was so inspiring that I could not but share this experience with you.

As we got to the resort reception, about 10 minutes earlier than normal, we saw that our transfer chauffeur was already waiting for us. He was happy to see us and didn’t show any form of irritation when I informed him that I would like to grab a cup of coffee for the journey as it was early in the day. When he was still smiling after a slightly longer time spent at the coffee shop, I thought, that’s kind and very impressive.

While we commenced the 25 minute journey to the airport, he informed us that he was an immigrant from South America, though spoke Spanish as well as the natives of the country we were in. His family were all in the same region and he could not stop talking about how great his experience has been in Spain. How nice the people were and how great the economy was and his returns as a chauffeur. I looked at Eddie and wondered if anything had changed between when we first got into the country and 4 days later when we were going back home. While, when we arrived, the chauffeur that took us moaned so much about how bad the economy and the land was; this other gentleman couldn’t stop talking about how great the same area was.

As we came out of the cab at the airport, we thanked the gentleman and could not but let him know how good he was, not just at the basics of transferring us to the airport, but his attitude and personality lit up the cab and the journey became remarkable, just because of the positive attitude of this gentleman. We made sure we gave him that feedback and thanked him again in the normal way you express appreciation for a great service given.

The attitude of this gentleman really got us talking way after we left him and was such a blessing that I couldn’t but remember the story of the spies that entered the promised land; where two sets of people saw two different things and what a people saw became the result they experienced. What you see tends to determine your disposition and subsequently your experience. 

God’s word in Numbers 13:30 says;

‘Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.”

Caleb indeed experienced victory and alongside a few that believed, he inherited the land. 

What you see will affect what you get, so adjust your attitude. Our transfer chauffeur was excited, happy and grateful; I was so happy to meet the Happy One! Little wonder his business reflected what he expected.

God is on your side!


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Thank you for the weekly inspiration PB, I look forward to this weekly.

What we see and what we confess is what we become. This also reminds me of you and PEs story in Cyprus and your early beginnings in UK, you choose to see the land as one flowing with milk and honey.

That is sooo true. One’s attitude can indeed determine outcomes in our lives. It is indeed more important to see the positives in every situation rather than the negatives as this could reroute outcomes.
This reminds me of my dear uncle who passed away in April this year…he was unwell for years however always had a very optimistic attitude of his plight which I firmly believed was instrumental to his recovery over the years… he never dwelt onthe negatives and as you said Pastor Bola the attitude/ thinking tend to influence those around you. As. Family we never dwelt on him being unwell because of his optimism . Thank you for this P B and remain blessed

Hi PB, This was amazing and I have definitely taken the lessons which were in this message for me. Thanks for being a blessing.

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