I was reading one of my mentors’ books and came across one of her stories which I had heard her share in the past, but I still found it educational and funny to read again. I thought to share the story with you. The main lesson is the problem of pride and the need to avoid it.

My mentor as a young believer was dating a young preacher and they were both invited to a crusade. According to her, she was getting invites to share her testimony and considered herself a great speaker. On this said day, her fiancée was a major speaker and she also had a slot to share her testimony, so she was feeling quite self-important.

At offering time she discovered she forgot to take her offering along. She said she knew pride was in her heart and could not allow herself to be seen as not giving any offering. She put her hand in her pocket and pretended she had money in her hand to put into the bucket. The bucket was held by a young usher who looked into the bucket; and there was no money at all. My mentor also looked in and realised no one had dropped any money in yet!


Flustered as she looked at the empty offering bucket, she then pretended that her offering had dropped on the floor. At this, the usher got on his hands and knees to look for the non-existent money! Not wanting the boy to be alone, she joined in too. The two of them grovelling around together underneath the chairs, searching for something that she knew did not exist. After pretending for a bit, she told the boy to move right along. Confused, the usher moved on to the next row.

She took her sit, highly embarrassed and heard the Lord’s voice. He said ‘after the meeting, go look for the boy. Apologise as well as confess what you’ve done’. She was mortified, but she did and the boy, who was a new believer looked at her with disappointment and then said, ‘can I pray for you?’ According to her, she was duly humbled and ensured she never allowed the sin of pride or self-importance overtake her again.


As I read her story, which was so funny yet embarrassing and educating, I remember the scripture that says

‘One’s pride will bring him low, but he who is lowly in spirit will obtain honour.’ Proverbs 29:23 (NIV version here)

What is The Problem of Pride? Pride brings low and causes embarrassment. God does not like it, people do not like it, and you and I must ensure we fight it with all we have within us. Never get too self-important but be humble always. God lifts the humble and resists the proud; so never find yourself in the group of people that God resists.

I am glad my mentor found space to redress that issue over 50 years ago because the Lord went ahead to use her as an international speaker. God wanted to take her far and the devil wanted to use pride, flesh and lies to hold her back.

Be mindful and be careful because God is on your side!


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