During the last lockdown in the UK, Costa Coffee sent a message to its customers. The message stated that there is a new way of ordering coffee on the app. This new method means you can collect straight at the shop; no queueing.  This service shortly became something the brand promoted aggressively by giving double points (which eventually adds up to free coffees) to their customers during a certain month. I embraced this new way of ordering.

At the end of the promotional period, I discovered I could not stop praising this new method of ordering as it saved me so much time. Why was it not being taken up by everyone? Ordering with this app is like any ‘click and collect service’ without waiting or even having to interact with anyone. (Although I genuinely miss my chats with the staff whenever I go to place my order in a shop). My coffee ordering time was cut by more than half. What amazed me though were the other people I saw that still queued up at the shops.


Whenever I went into these shops to pick my order, I would see a lengthy queue of frustrated looking people who I feel looked at me sometimes with envy. I always felt like helping them by sharing this already public news with them. I get into the car and say to my husband, ‘Why are people still queuing when there is a new and faster way?’ And he would say, ‘human beings are creatures of habit and many people just want to continue to do things as before.’  So some will rather stick to what they are used to than embrace change. The change that could potentially save time and money in some instances is ignored.

On  reflecting on this issue and asking the question of where I could also be stuck in the old habits. I thought about how holding on to old things can stop us from embracing the new that God has prepared for us in some areas of life. And this new season shows us how embracing the new is highly needed to navigate the new space we are in as a people today.


God in His word says something about new things.

“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:18-19 (check out the NET version)

Looking at this scripture, If I told you that there is a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert, if you are not the type to embrace the new, you probably would not believe, and neither will you experience it. And that will be tragic because you will be missing out on what God has for you.

God will want us to embrace the new thing He is doing around us. There are great blessings and benefits to embracing the new and leaving behind the old. Be open to the new because there is a new way, and this new way is designed to help you.

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Thank you ma for reiterating on the importance of embracing new things including new ways of life and not being rigid and holding on to old things ,which of course the Bible even reminds us about forgetting the old things ,hence our need to be able to see things in new ways, and be able to embrace them ,whichever way they come.
Always great teaching from you ma and always blessed by them.
God bless you.

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