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Two clues to finding your passion

Eddie: Hello, and welcome to Mentoring Platform. My name is Eddie.

Bola: And my name is Bola

Eddie: Alright. Well this is our first time this year of doing this.

Bola: Yeah Happy New Year!

Eddie: Happy New Year. Happy New Year. And I think today, very briefly, we want to talk about your focus this year.

Bola: Yeah.

Eddie: And one of the things we want to focus on this year is your passion. We want you to find an area of interest. Alright?

Bola: Yup.

Eddie: I think, right now I’m currently working with a group of people, helping them find, I’m helping them to find their area of passion and see how they can save their world on that platform. And then also create, see how they can actually earn an income from that passion, and do it full time. So I think it’s good when you function in the area of your passion. When you do things that you really, really love. And I think that’s one area I will love you, I will love you, to work on this year.

Bola: Yeah. We’ve come to realise a lot of people don’t even know what they are good at. They don’t know what their passion area is. Maybe because all your life you’ve been told what to do. Or you’ve had to work on that necessity. Or on that leader that tells you to do things in a particular way. Or mum and dad want you to do things in a certain way. But whatever it is, many of us have either lost it or have never found what we are good at and it’s so, so easy to find. Eddie, what are the ways?

Eddie: Yeah. Well I think it’s very, if anything else, this should be your New Years resolution this year. In other words, I found my purpose in life. I found my passion. And I’m walking in it. And I’m being blessed doing it. And not only that, I’m being a blessing to my community doing that. So one of the ways you can look at this is to ask yourself, “What exactly do I really, really enjoy doing?” What do you love doing?
If I wake you at three a.m. in the morning, right? What will you talk about? If I pulled together 2000 people in a room, and I come to you and I say “2000 people are in a room somewhere, or in a hall somewhere, that wants you to come in and teach them anything, what will you teach them for an hour?” Alright? So I think that’s one good place to start from.

Bola: It’s a very good place to start from. The second one is, just in case you’re not made for it, no matter how tired you are, no matter how exhausted you are, what extra thing will you do that you’re not being paid for. Nobody’s gonna pay for it, but you just find it in yourself to do it anyway, because you love doing it. That one more thing you would do before going to bed. What will it be for you?
So look at those, cause I know when you were younger, what did people used to say you were really good at? What did you used to love doing when there would be no interruptions of life or challenges of life, what did you love doing then? What did people say you were good at doing?

Eddie: Well I figure this are those two-

Bola: Little pointers.

Eddie: Yeah. You need to start from. But whatever you do, identify this year. Okay? Because at the end of the day when you are 70, 80, 90 years old, your gonna look back and one of the things your gonna ask yourself is “Did I really do what I enjoy doing?” So throughout this year, we want you to work with us as much as possible. We want to bring this message across to you, find your voice. Find your heart. And live for purpose. Alright.

Bola: Alright.

Eddie: That’s it from us here at Mentoring Platform. Once again, Happy New Year, and we’re gonna be talking through all these issues throughout this year at one point or the other. So have a great day and God bless.

Bola: Bye.

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