The question is; was that a good fight or not? Driving into our office earlier this week, we noticed that there was no space for our car. The problem is; church was not in session and there should be a minimum of 10 free car parking spaces in our car park.

One of the neighbours, who has fenced their car park had decided to park their trucks in our own parking spaces! Sharing car parking space is a culture around here and had never been an issue but when a neighbour decided not to share their space, they should not be expected to take 4 spaces from another organisation.

One of the parked truck was also blocking our entrance, so there was a need to have a word. On mentioning the issue to a gentleman in the office, I expected an apology but got a different reaction. He said, with a dismissive tone ‘ we will come move them soon.’


Eddie got upset about this feedback and went to confront the man. Oh dear! Was he going to get into a fight? Few minutes later, he returned with three men apologising for the behaviour of the guy who spoke rudely. The man was a contractor who did not even pass the message on to the others before leaving!

Later in the day, a couple of staff members came from the firm to apologise again and mentioned what had been done to ensure we do not have the problem in future. The confrontation yielded result; yes!


In life, we are faced with battles always. The main purpose of the battles are to establish territories. As much as some of us run away from confrontation, there are some things that will never get sorted or delivered to you unless you are willing to fight for them.

Paul in speaking to Timothy advised:

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses. 1 Tim 6:12

The recalling of the provision given you and your right will help you fight well. In other words, to enjoy all that God has prepared for you, you will have to fight in the place of prayers and standing on the word of God.

Remember, do not fight just any fight, but fight the good fight of faith for your blessings.


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