Easter for me is one of the most memorable and special times in the life of a Christian. What it represents is a major reason why we can rejoice. What a great time! Thinking of Easter this year, compared to last year brought me to a point of thanksgiving again.


Just 12 months ago, I remember praying as the catastrophic pandemic of COVID-19 swept through the world. It started out in the mind as an event happening across the ponds and to some unprepared nation. It slowly moved into the United Kingdom where I reside.

The 2020 Easter was spent at home with a massive amount of uncertainty when it came to health and the economy . In all my life as a Christian, it was the first time we were in a place of not being allowed to attend a church gathering, the workplace or even a social gathering.

The government was as confused as the individuals even with the daily debrief from the health ministers, the board as well as the cabinet office. It was like being at war but not certain of what strategies to tackle this enemy with.


I will never forget the main news during that whole period being about the number of infections and then number of deaths. Switching on the news channel was just an introduction to such negative news that created a more distressing position than ever before.

The scary part of the time was not only what was happening in the UK but also what was happening around the world. It also was not long before people that were within touching distance started getting news of relatives who were either infected by the disease or who had sadly passed away.

The period was so dark and sad. It was indeed an unprecedented period in history. I remember trying to envision what life post that time was going to look like and just could not; but held on to faith and hope.


2021, saw us as a nation and people embracing hope and getting excited about the solution at hand. And like many, I am ever so grateful to God that Easter this year will see us experience a totally different situation from where we were last year. Even though things are not totally back to normal; we can surely say – our God has been faithful to us.

He stayed true to His word that says

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the LORD, who has. compassion on you. Isaiah 54:10 (I absolutely love the message version, check here)

God’s covenant of peace was never removed from us despite all the hard news and happenings around. Today, I celebrate His faithfulness in keeping you and I. He is our prince of peace and the main gift He gave us at Easter is His peace and His hope.

Today, receive His peace which will never depart from you in Jesus name. Also receive His hope which is there to help you look forward to a better and brighter tomorrow.

God is on your side!


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I couldn’t agree more PB, this time last was indeed a very dark time, my only brother in hospital battling for his life ,my beautiful niece in hospital awaiting an anticipated heart surgery and I was very ill. The only thing I had was faith and hope in God but with uncertainty about the future only our Heavenly Father could see.
I am indeed grateful and thankful for where we are now. Thanks PB for a powerful remainder of what this weekend truly means

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