A couple were interviewed earlier this week based on the work they do and the impact they are making in their immediate society. I was fascinated with this couple and learnt a lot from them – which I thought to share with you.

This couple, Pete & Sarah Portal are based in Johannesburg in South Africa. They open their home for rehabilitation and discipleship programme for young men and women who have been rescued from drugs and gangs from the streets. The programme they set up is designed to show love and teach Christ to these group.

A few of the ex gang members were interviewed and they said they knew that if they had not been rescued and shown love by this couple, they could have died due to overdose or gang shooting activities. It wasn’t however just the discipleship programme that drew them near but the love shown them which they mentioned they had never experienced before.

The gentleman, Pete was asked if all the people just start walking on the straight and narrow after joining their programme; but he said some do relapse and go back into their old habits, but the couple leave their doors open for them to come back and join the family as well as get welcome back with love.

While being interviewed, the wife said ‘love indeed is an action that anyone will respond to, no matter how low their lives have degenerated.’

Love is indeed a powerful tool and Jesus used it to draw many to Himself. It overcomes every form of negativity and sets people up for higher and better lives if we allow God use us to show love to the people around us.

Gods word says

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

The love this couple have for the people around them totally overshadows the weaknesses and errors of these gentlemen and ladies. The powerful tool of love indeed is capable of transforming any society or group if we allow ourselves to be used by God to reach the people around us.

You and I have got this tool called Love and just like Pete and Sarah Portal are using the tool, we can change lives. What will you do with yours today?

God is on your side!


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