Pastor Eddie and I recently came back from a short break, which was very refreshing and enjoyable. After arriving, we got an email that requested we give a review on the resort which created an interesting situation. I remember looking at the picture and asking PE this interesting question, ‘where was that?’

We saw the pictures of the resort before embarking on the journey and were looking forward to experiencing it. On getting there, we were totally blown away by the location, facilities, services, food and room size. The resort was beautiful, and all the staff went above and beyond in all they did. We had a great time and was prepared to fill a review form and recommend the resort. After the break, we received the email for the review but the included picture looked unfamiliar.


After examining the picture, we discovered that it was taken from a different side of the resort which we never visited. We stayed on a resort, thought we fully explored it but discovered we never saw a part of it. I am sure you’re now wondering in your heart how that could be possible – me too! Though it was my experience.

We thought we explored it all and never walked through that section because we never knew that there was more on the other side of the resort. As I thought about this experience of ours, I thought about the relationship some of us have with the word of God and the treasures hidden in it.


The psalmist said

‘I rejoice in your word like one who discovers a great treasure.’ Psalm 119:162 (Check out the KJV version)

There is so much treasure hidden in God’s word and if we choose to be like the psalmist who takes his time to explore and discover God’s word, treating it as the great treasure it is; we will have endless victory, joy, and peace in every area of life.

For me, the lesson in this piece is; even if I think I am enjoying much of God now, there is so much more that I am yet to discover. So, I will implore you to go on the adventure of word discovery with me. As we do that, we get to know God’s mind more and more, act His word and be more like Him in all things.


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True. There are treasures buried in every niche and cranny in God’s word. You can go “deep sea diving”,” space” exploration, “sea” sailing, ;bungee diving’, ‘caves exploring’,’ angling for RK’, just lie back and nibble away at morsels of life giving truth and just about anything you can imagine when you take time, clear your mind of present distractions and dive into scriptures. “Your word was found, and i ate them, …Jer 15:16

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