With the global pandemic of COVID, it is obvious that we are living in interesting times. For some, this is a time of fear and uncertainty whereas for others it is just a time of change. Many have their phones on NEWS alerts and others now make it a point of duty to watch the NEWS no matter what.  Some however have decided to switch off their NEWS alert as they find the continued negative news disheartening and discouraging.

As I was having a heated conversation on the new developments of this global pandemic with someone earlier in the week; who was convinced that this whole pandemic was a set-up with conspiracy theories behind it, I got an email stating that WHO (World Health Organisation) are trying to work out what is happening and the extent to which it will go but they weren’t quite sure. So, it was obvious that W.H.O is not in control. I however started thinking of a different spin to that topic, which was the topic I used today – WHO is in Control

I can confidently tell you that, irrespective of how things look and feel around you; there is one in full control of all that will ever happen to you or around you; and that is God! God is in control and He is the one with the main say over your life and this world that we live in, irrespective of how things look.

Control is knowing what, when and how. I remember when our children were younger, they would each want a certain gift for Christmas and keep asking if we would ever get them the desired gift. They continuously showed their nervousness by asking us the same questions, or even searching around the house to find out if we remembered to buy them the desired gifts. The action showed lack of trust – I’m not sure how much they were convinced that we were in control although we always come through for them. When you believe someone is in control, you will act accordingly and exhibit trust by relaxing, no matter what things look like around you.

I will like to share the following scripture with you so you can be at peace, knowing fully well that your God is in control and He’s got you.

Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you.’ Psalm 91:7

Be rest assured that your God is in control and no evil will touch you because your father has got your back.

You have no reason to fear because God is on your side!


4 replies on “WHO IS IN CONTROL?”

I pray for God’s protection upon you and your beautiful family in Jesus name??

And thank you so much for this wonderful verse
Psalm 91:7

God bless you

Halleluyah PB,thank you so much for your words of encouragement, our Lord is forever in full control, he has not given us the spirit of fear,he has given unto us the spirit of power,love and sound mind, so I fear no evil, disease or virus in Jesus name. Amen.

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