This question of ‘who is watching you?’ came to mind from a conversation I had with a neighbour I had never met. I do tend to run several days a week and I do that in the cyclo-park which is close to my home. In running daily, apparently some of my neighbours have noticed me and have been commenting about me or my running pattern.

Over time I have had positive comments from my immediate neighbours and that was accepted as the complement it was. Also, the observation of my immediate neighbours didn’t seem out of place as they might catch me going out and coming in daily due to the closeness of our homes.

This comment however came from a neighbour who is beyond 6 doors away and I had never seen her before. She caught me coming to the end of my run and came up to me saying ‘I just wanted to let you know that I do admire you. You challenge and inspire me by your dedication, commitment, and the result I can see. Thank you!’

Her comment took me aback because, firstly, I had never seen her before and secondly, I was just doing my thing and living my life; not conscious of anyone watching or being inspired by me. I thanked her and told her I look forward to seeing more of her soon. (I plan to invite my neighbours to tea soon and she will surely get an invite)


As I was thinking about this event, I remember walking up to a builder few doors away. I went  to ask if he will be happy to do some work in our home. Just before we went further in the discussion, he asked which house. To which I pointed to mine, and he said; ‘Oh the vicar’s house…is he your father?’ I laughed and said YES it’s the vicars house. But NO he’s not my father but husband (of course Eddie hasn’t heard the last of that).

The builder said he was told by someone on the street that a vicar lived on the street and that made them happy! He however assumed a vicar must be an old man. Well, we never told anyone Eddie was a vicar nor that we are Christians – apart from our immediate neighbours whom we converse with regularly. We are however being watched and the neighbours know. I can also boldly say, the same goes for your neighbours and colleagues.

These incidences reminded me of the scripture that says

‘You yourselves are our epistles, written on our hearts, known and read by everyone.’ 2 Corinthians 3:2 (read the beautiful NLT version here)

So, though you and I just do our thing daily and attempt to live our lives quietly, people are watching as well as reading us. The question therefore is, what have they deduced of Christ by watching your life?

I pray for us all that we will represent the gospel well because someone is always watching us!

God is on your side.

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