Who Wins When You Win?

I watched an advert recently with a caption that says, ‘who wins if you win?’ The gentleman being interviewed in the advert was asked that question and he went on to recount the names of the people who were going to benefit from a win of any sort in his life. He recounted people he knew – people that had been a great source of influence to him, whom he wants to appreciate; which was a good, yet an expected course of action.

The question however got me thinking of the people around me whom I influence without even knowing. As I mediated on that, I got chatting with one of my spiritual daughters who had been unavoidably off work for a while. After a long period of absence, she was finally able to go back to work recently. I knew she loved what she did and was asking her how she was settling back into her role.

She gave me an update as to what touched her most about returning to work aside being able to go back to practising in her career. She mentioned the welcome and hugs she got from each support staff within the building. The security staff, cleaning staff and other none direct colleagues who all took time to welcome her and inform her of how much she’d been missed. She got comments about her being missed because of her smile, warmth, caring nature and ability to give attention to those around her. She wasn’t just appreciated by the support staff and her colleagues, her superiors were equally full of praise and gratitude for her return to work.

So who wins if you win?

Who is affected by the things that you do or the things you do not do? The bible makes me understand that as a good Christian, you don’t live for yourself. You have something inside you that makes your life affect others positively or otherwise. You are a champion and a hero to someone.

God’s word says;

You are the light of the world, a city set upon the hill cannot be hidden.’ Matthew 5:14

Your life is not hidden, live as one that is being watched. Live as one that has a lot to offer your world, known and unknown because if it goes well for you, many people will be touched and if otherwise, many people will equally be touched.

Finally, Eddie and I recently discovered that we do not need to run our side business anymore if we don’t want to – but we thought about this issue of impact. – ‘who wins because we win and who loses because we stop something?’. On the basis of that thought, we keep pressing on as there are many lives to affect and darkness to dispel with our light.

I will encourage you to push till you win because, there are many people who will win just because you do!

God is on your side!


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