I read a story I found quite inspiring, here it is

‘Thanksgiving Day was near in America and a first grade teacher gave her class a fun assignment — to draw a picture of something for which they were thankful. Most of the class might be considered economically disadvantaged, but still many would celebrate the holiday with turkey and other traditional goodies of the season. These, the teacher thought, would be the subject of most of her student’s art. And they were.

But a young boy called Douglas made a different kind of picture. He was the teacher’s true child of misery, frail and unhappy. As other children played at lunch hour, Douglas was likely to stand close by her side. Yes, his picture was different. When asked to draw a picture of something for which he was thankful, he drew a hand. Nothing else. Just an empty hand.

His abstract image captured the imagination of his peers. Whose hand could it be? One child guessed it was the hand of a farmer, because farmers raise turkeys. Another guessed it was the hand of God, for God feeds us. And so the discussion went — until the teacher almost forgot the young artist himself. When the children had gone on to other assignments, she paused at Douglas’ desk, bent down, and asked him whose hand it was.

The little boy looked away and muttered, ‘It’s yours, teacher.’ She recalled the times she had taken his hand and walked with him here or there, as she had the other students. How often had she said, ‘Take my hand, Douglas, we’ll go outside.’ Or, ‘Let me show you how to hold your pencil.’ Or, ‘Let’s do this together.’ Douglas was most thankful for his teacher’s hand. Brushing aside a tear, she went on with her work in continuing to help Douglas and other children.’

God’s word shows us that God equally helps us with His hands. His word says;

‘It was not by their sword that they won the land, nor did their arm bring them victory; it was your right hand, your arm, and the light of your face, for you loved them.’ Psalm 44:3

As children of God, we should always stretch our hands to help the people around us daily, so they can be thankful for you and I as well.

Do not forget, keep reaching out because you may help pull someone out of darkness and guide them into the light.

God is on your side!


2 replies on “WHOSE HAND IS IT?”

Really encouraging.
This has been my prayer, I want God to use me to be able to always put smiles on people’s faces. I have always wanted God to use me to be able to meet people’s needs.
God is taking me through that process and I need your prayers in that line too.
I know if someone is not blessed you can’t be a blessing. I want God to bless me so that I can be a blessing unto others.
Thanks so much Pastor Eddie and Pastor Bola. God shall continue to uphold you both in Jesus name.
Thank you.

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