After taking permission from the lady involved in this story, I thought to share with you an important lesson learnt in today’s write up – Why Can’t I?

I was trying to remember the lyrics of a new song sang in church at our in-person service on Sunday without success. I kind of knew a few of the words but just could not work out the title.

Still thinking of that, I heard the lovely lady that works with me in the office humming what I thought was the song. I knew she was in the service and there was a high possibility of her knowing the song. I asked her for the title of the song she was humming; to which she looked at me in surprise and said, ‘what? No, you can’t want that.’  I asked her; ‘why can’t I?’ To which she responded because it’s from Burna Boy!


She offered to get me the title to the Sunday song (which she did) but I then decided to ask her a question. ‘But…why can I not get to know the song you are singing so I can sing the same?’ She went;’ You cannot because you are a pastor and not allowed to sing this.’  My next question was, but why not? Why am I not allowed something, and you are? We are both Christians, going to the same heaven!

I guess it is interesting to look closely at some things we do and wonder if we will be happy for someone else to copy us, pastor or otherwise. If I was to be an example to the people around me; what will I allow them copy me in doing? What will I drop because I do not think it will benefit other people? I wonder if we should just choose the discipline of living like we can be followed and still be a good example to the people around us.

Please do not get me wrong, I do not know Burna Boy nor any of his songs and not saying whether it is right or wrong but bringing a lesson here is as said by Paul in scriptures. Read here with me


It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything else if it might cause another believer to stumble. Romans 14:21 (NET version)

I think part of growth is self-audit and maturity. Maturity dictates that there are things we drop for the sake of who we are and what we represent. Not just as pastors, but because we represent Christ and others look at us. Someone is looking at you and taking a cue from you daily.

My pastor is currently preaching a series on ‘Are You an Influencer?’ and the crux of that message is; wherever you are in the world, someone is looking at you as their influence and will follow your lead. If they should, will you be leading them right or wrong.

Choose right, as it pays to be a great example always.


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