Battles are not new to many people, physical warfare, spiritual warfare, career warfare etc. We know that we mostly move to the next level in life by fighting and overcoming the battle on one level in order to experience the victory on the higher or next one. As defined as many battles are, the most difficult battle to fight is that of the mind.. the internal battle of the MIND.

The battle of the mind is a constant and continuous fight to ensure our minds don’t get overwhelmed by the suggestion of the devil and the negative news all around us. It is a lot of work and we need a conscious,continuous strategy to win this battle.

A short while ago, when PE and I went into full time ministry appointment, our family income dropped by about 70% and that had immediate ramifications for us. We were very clear on the word God spoke to us, but we were staring at our needs and they were very obvious. Our food choices and options in the fridge reduced drastically to the point where the children started wondering and asking if all was ok. We kept our confession of God’s promise going, and refused to be put under any pressure to confess only what is seen. Eddie kept saying to Asher , ‘we have lots of food and resources, you can’t just see it yet.’ Thank God for obedient children, he kept his peace. Truly, within few days, different random people got ministered to by God to come bless us with resources and food. It wasn’t too long after the period of seeming dryness before surplus came again. And God took us through until we came out stronger after some months. 

The devil plays on our mind to cause fear and panic. The aim of the battle is to ensure we are limited and lose faith. Fighting the invisible battle of the mind is a reality, and winning it requires a decision, consistent and persistent application of the word of God through our confession, then staying focused on what God’s word says irrespective of what you hear or see. 

God’s word says;

‘We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.’ 2 Corinthians 10:5

To win this fight, we need to destroy all suggestions that raises itself against the word of God. We counter all we see or hear with the word of God. What’s God’s word saying about this matter? Find out, receive it consistently, say it whenever fear comes and keep repeating the word until your change comes.

There is no battle you can’t win, even the MIND battle- because God is on your side! 



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