The main thrust of this message is to share with the fact that you can achieve anything you desire without allowing any obstacle stop you. Learn more about that as we read Les Browns story today.

Les and his brother Wes were adopted when they were six weeks old. They grew up in the poorest section of Miami, Florida in USA. Les was branded a slow learner and given a little chance of success by many of his teachers. However, his life changed with the encouragement of one of his school teachers said who ‘someone else’s opinion of you does not have to be your reality’.

If he can, so can you. You can achieve!


Les managed to graduate from high school and then got a job as a DJ in a radio station. After much hard work, he progressed to became the broadcast manager. He then got involved in his community and was elected to the state legislature for three terms. Les developed himself as a public speaker and received the National Speakers Association’s highest honor and was named one of the worlds top five speakers according to Toastmasters 1992.

He has since written best seller books and hosts his own TV shows. He owns businesses and commands $25,000 per appearance as a public speaker. Les has superseded what anyone would have thought of him.  His story shows that You can achieve greatness irrespective of your limitations.

This story reminds me of God’s word that says that He has a plan for our lives and how our past should never be a reason for non achievement in our lives.

‘For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Jeremiah 29:11 ( read the NLT version here)


Lessons in conclusion


It really does not matter what anyone thinks of you, but what God plans because that is what gets you established in your life.

Don’t give yourself any excuse for failure based on your background but find God’s plan and work hard at it.

God is on your side!



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4 replies on “YOU CAN ACHIEVE!”

Thank you PB for the great teaching ,reminding us not to be limited by how people see us in a negative way but be of the assurance of God’s plans for us. Was really blessed. God bless you ma.

Highly inspirational story and message.
I have always believed in greatness even before I came to Lagos as a hustler. But last year almost made me believed otherwise due to the level of afflictions I went through but thank God for pastor Sam and Mama T. Who did not give up on me until hope returned in my heart, this is the very kind of messages I really need now as I’m not ready to give up untill I get to that my God’s given destination musically and all about
THANK YOU very much PASTOR BOLA for this life transforming story and message.


SAMCYRIL, I was born to be great.
And with my inbuilt music, I see my gospel music band taking over the world. The clock is ticking. Thank you Ma.

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