You Can Do It!


I am currently reading a book that has emphasised one of the principles Eddie and I believe in and practise as much as we can. That is; “ encouragement aids achievements.”

The book, How to Influence People: Make a difference in your world by John Maxwell states that

“ Most people receive more than their share of negative comments and criticism from others—so much that they sometimes begin to lose sight of their value. There is a telling example of this in A Touch of Wonder by Arthur Gordon. He relates the story of a friend who belonged to a club at the University of Wisconsin. It was comprised of several bright young men who had genuine talent for writing. Each time they met, one of the men would read a story or essay he had written, and the rest of the group would dissect and criticize it. The viciousness of their comments prompted them to call themselves the Stranglers. On the same campus, some women formed a group, and they called themselves the Wranglers. They also read their manuscripts to one another, but instead of showering criticism on one another, they tried to find positive things to say. Every member was given encouragement, no matter how weak or undeveloped her writing was.

The results of the two groups’ activities came to light twenty years later when the careers of the classmates were examined. Of the talented young men in the Stranglers, not one of them had made a name for himself as a writer. But half a dozen successful writers emerged from the Wranglers, even though they had not necessarily shown greater promise. And some of the women had gained national prominence, such as Pulitzer prize–winner Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. For most people, it’s not what they are that holds them back. It’s what they think they’re not.”

As shown above, encouragement led to achievement within the women group. In life, everyone needs a cheerleader. That person that spurs you on no matter what. They help you believe you can take on anything and still excel. In addition to these God sent encouragers, there is also the word of God, which is designed to help you achieve!

The word of God is full of encouragements and words of promise for us to read, meditate on, believe and become. The more we behold the word of God that is positively set to lift us, the more we become and achieve greatness. For example, Gods word says

“For I hold you by your right hand–I, the LORD your God. And I say to you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.” Isaiah 41:13

The above bible verse makes it clear that whenever we are going through a new phase, or a challenging time or any circumstance in life, God assures is that He is interested enough to be present, hold our hands; reassure us not to be afraid and then Help us!

This new year, many of us have great and somewhat scary goals sometimes, but be rest assured that you’ve got a Cheerleader here who will always spur you on, not only with my words, but also with the tool of the word of God. All your dreams for the year are achievable and God will help you; so do not be afraid.

My word of encouragement to you today is, believe in yourself, believe in Gods presence and help, start working on those goals, one at a time and you’ll achieve them all because God is on your side!

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