You Will Win!


If you are a regular reader of my blog posts, you would have known by now that I am a football fan and that I learn lessons from happenings around me. This week saw some outstanding occurrences on the football field of which I am keen to share one of the stories with you. (You will still enjoy and learn from this write up, even if you don’t like football)

The champions league semi finals had Liverpool Football Club drawn against Barcelona. Barcelona is deemed one of the best clubs in the world, particularly as it has a remarkable player Lionel Messi as one of their star players. True to form, when the first game was played, Messi didn’t disappoint. It looked like a game of Liverpool v Messi, because this gentleman orchestrated the three goals in the game and it was said by quite a few press organisations that Liverpool’s champion league hope was over. The second leg of the match was this week and   to qualify, Liverpool was going to need to score 4 goals and Barcelona none. In all honesty, that seemed naturally impossible.

The Liverpool manager Mr Klopp, in his after game interview, mentioned that he told his boys before the game that he doesn’t think it is possible to win, but just because it is them, they had a chance. That said, loads of things were against them; from the absence of their best players to injuries and mishaps on the field. Despite all of that and the massive goal deficit against a great team that is revered in the world, Liverpool came from behind to win by 4 goals! That is a lot of goals at that level – but it happened.

Many people said it was down to the hunger of the players, others said it was the incredible leadership of the manager and many more speculations; but the main thing is that this unlikely club came from behind, a place of huge disadvantage to win and get into the final of the champions league 2019.

Liverpool’s success got me thinking of you and I as believers, who have a God who has got our back, believes in us, despite how we see ourselves and has given us innumerable promises of His help and assistance in seeing that we win irrespective of the disadvantages and challenges that may come our way.

One of such promises by God which we can always hold on to is Isaiah 41:13 which says;

“For I hold you by your right hand – I, the Lord your God. And I say to you, ‘Do not be afraid. I am here to help you” Isaiah 41:13

For the things in your life that seem impossible, where men have written you off, all you need is the help of God. He has promised it and can surely deliver on His promise to you. Do not be afraid, He is here to help you and you will win!

Liverpool’s win was a surprise to the manager who was speechless and close to tears at the press conference. Some of the players, fans and even opponents were lost for words at this unexpected result. That will surely be your experience too.

Never allow your circumstances intimidate you, you will win with God’s help – so stay close to Him and follow His full instructions.

God is on your side!


Here’s a song for you for the message

You will win – Jekalyn Carr

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I read this post today, It came at the right time for me, the song also included made me so glad. God bless you real good.

The Lord showed us his awesomeness in every situation. Thank you for all your educative and uplifting messages. God bless you ma.

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